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Business Consulting and Training

D-Hub provides innovative concepts for trainings and consultation services that combine fun, flexibility and create demonstrable value for the company.
D-Hub provides flexible services support reconstructing, reconsidering and restructuring ideas for all companies.

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D-Hub Current Vision

D-Hub is integrated with International companies in Egypt and has a vision to reach worldwide spreadness in the field of Digital Transformation. D-Hub is looking forward to cover many companies’ technical issues with automated systems.

D-Hub Current Mission

Our mission is to help students, graduates, employees and companies achieve digital transformation. Through training, hands-on practices, competitions and consultations, we try to help you tap on your full digital potential.

Company Team

Mohamed Ibn RashedCo-founder
Ahmed FawzyCo-Founder and CEO
Khaled NaguibCo-Founder and CTO
Mohamed GamalCo-founder and Artificial Intelligence Director
Menna AdelPR Director
Amal AmmarGraphic Designer
Talley MetwaliMarketing Director

About Us

D-Hub is a Business Consulting and Training Agency specialized in conducting business advice and providing the most fitting expertise to organizations of different sizes and fields for the sake of helping them improve their ultimate business performance in terms of strategy, structure, operations, profitability and management. D-Hub is concerned with providing information, solving business problems, identifying the effective diagnosis, recommending actions, facilitating the implementation of the proposed change initiatives, building consensus and commitment among organizational members, moreover facilitating client learning through effective training programs and achieving organizational effectiveness. Training consultant D-Hub is a training firm that strives to give new flavor through new training innovations and fresh concepts to the training landscape for all trainees (students, employees, graduates, etc..).


Strategic Objectives

  1. We give inspirational training to encourage individuals to develop their maximum potential, helping our customers achieve their business goals.
  2. We work in a partnership with our clients to ensure that our training programs are suit and customized according to their learning and job outcomes
  3. Referral business is the ideal type of business to have - thus we always serve our customers with the best care and respect.
  4. Provide all employees and students to enhance and sustain the performance of jobs in order to meet the specified corporate business goals through prompt and organized learning experiences and training and career development programs.

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